I don't think I've ever seen a Q&A where both audience members and casts started unabashedly crying - Sherrybaby is the first. Director Laurie Collyer told the audience tearfully the film was inspired by a friend of hers who was lost to addiction, and how she had tried to understand why her life went one direction and her friend's life in another, not-so-good direction. Then it got started with the first question: a woman in the front row stood and talked for quite a while about the film and how deeply it affected her. She started sobbing through her words, the cast started crying, then the audience got all teary - it was a regular waterworks there in the Racquet Club Theater. It speaks, though, to how moved people were by the film.

Collyer was asked a question about  Ryan Simpkins, the young actress who plays Alexis, Sherry's daughter. She discussed how Maggie Gyllenhaal (who played Sherry) became very protective of Ryan, in the same way that Sherry is protective of Alexis. She recalled how that created friction between herself as the director and Gyllenhaal as an actress, but in a very positive way that helped the film, and helped the tension between Sherry and Lynette feel very real and tangible.Then someone asked how everyone got involved with the film, and the cast did a round of pass-the-mic. Ryan said that she read the script "about 50 times", and that her favorite scenes were "the one in the car, and the birthday party". Ryan also offered her opinion that Laurie is a "very good director".