Jason "Son of Ghostbusters" Reitman's debut feature Thank You For Smoking caused a huge sensation at last fall's Toronto Film Festival when two indie arms both claimed to have closed deals for the rights. Now safely ensconsed in the warm embrace of Fox's indie division, the film made its triumphant US premiere last night at the Eccles. As Festival Director Geoff Gilmore pointed out before the screening, Sundance doesn't usually accept "premieres" that have already, well, premiered, but for Smoking, his team saw fit to make an exception. "Usually for us to say that a film is a Sundance film, it has to start at Sundance. But Jason Reitman started at Sundance. The film had a huge, controversial sale, and that's VERY Sundance ... it's a Sundance film."That old line about success having many fathers aside, I don't think anyone in the crowd last night objected to the film being on the schedule – in fact, I've not yet seen a crowd so responsive to a film at this year's fest. That's a shot of Reitman above, with executive producer Elon Musk. I'll have a refview of the film up later today.