A ton of set pics from the film Chapter 27 have showed up online and feature a healthier looking Lindsay Lohan paired up with an overweight Jared Leto. Before you girls go bonkers over the sexy actor's new appearance, he actually gained weight on purpose in order to take on the role of John Lennon's killer, Mark David Chapman. And, from the pics, it appears the casting folks did an excellent job because Leto looks exactly like him.

Awhile back a rumor broke loose right before casting for Chapter 27 was announced that Leto and Lohan were dating. Could it be the two lovebirds gained weight together? Maybe Leto was Lohan's savior. Oohh, if we're lucky they'll be some behind-the-scenes footage of both of them pigging out. Well, that's if Lohan's publicist doesn't shoot herself by then. Chapter 27 will chronicle Chapman and the woman he befriends in the days leading up the murder of John Lennon.

Note: The gallery of pics are located on Jared-Leto.Org, however you must register first to gain access.

[via JoBlo]

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