Lou Reed knew Edie Sedgwick. Edie Sedgwick was a friend of his. And you, Sienna Miller, are no Edie Sedgwick. That, if you can believe it, is the nice version of Reed's reaction to Factory Girl, the upcoming Sedgwick biopic. According to Reed, the screenplay is, well, a bit weak. "It's one of the most disgusting, foul things I've seen - by any illiterate retard - in a long time." Well. Not surprisingly, director George Hickenlooper disagrees. In his book, said work is nothing less than a "complex story about a wonderful young woman." (No response yet from the illiterate retard himself, Captain Mauzner. Yes, his name is Captain.)

By speaking out against Factory Girl, Reed is adding his voice to a growing tide of protest against the film among those who knew and loved Sedgwick (her family is particularly peeved). Man, this movie better be good - if it's terrible, even all this press isn't going to help. Plus, it's not as if Miller and co-star Hayden Christensen are exactly sure bets to turn in compelling performances. So yeah, it's probably a safe bet that the suits behind this one are a liiiiitle nervous by now.
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