(Yes, I said "enchanted," not "enchanting" - we've already been over that.) Remember the upcoming Disney movie we told you about a couple of weeks ago that's going to combine animation with live action? Just to jog your memory, it's called Enchanted, and stars Susan Sarandon as an evil, anti-love bitch witch, and Amy Adams and James Marsden as the young royals who feel her wrath. The film's cast continues to expand:  just added to play a single father Manhattanite who selflessly help Adams' princess find her true love is one Patrick Dempsey, AKA Dr. McDreamy.

Though the IMDB claims Dempsey's been in tons of movies since spreading the plague in Outbreak, I frankly don't believe it. He was actually in some sort of 80s star confinement zone, hanging out with the Coreys and Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles. And, now that he's been gloriously rescued from that scrap heap, Dempsey's decided he needs to make a movie that his daughter (who must be either very young or way, way too sheltered) can see - thus the appearance in Enchanted.
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