Here's a bit of information that should surprise no one, but is still worth the noting for the sheer geek awesomeness factor involved. It's been known since summer that the beautiful big screen adaptation of Frank Miller'sSin City has been a boon to the sales of the graphic novel it was based on. The ever-popular Sin City novels saw a nice sales surge, particularly those three directly related to the movie. Well the data is now official, as the sales numbers for the 2005 year have been released, and can be seen here, courtesy of CBR. There is plenty of fun data there to look through- but when you finally get down to the graphic novel section, you'll notice that Frank Miller's Sin City Volume One (Hard Goodbye) is sitting firmly on top of the list. in Addition to that, Frank owns for of the top five spots this year, with only DC's Identity Crisis (a very good story itself) sneaking in among them.

Good for you, Frank Miller. You deserve every dollar you make.

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