Bryan Singer has been taking alot of heat from all sides lately regarding his rumoredly sky rocketing Budget of Steel. We here at Cinematical have certainly been covering these rumors- and in the interest of equal time, we're now here to report on Singer's frustrated replies. In a recent article by Entertainment Weekly, the ex-X director gave his own version of the budget tales. Singer in currently involved in the (no doubt expensive and complicated) effects work for the film, and while he admits "Superman was a pretty vicious film" to make, he argues that the budget reports have been inflated. Bryan described the leak source who reported the numbers as "some moron," saying "I take enormous pride in being fiscally responsible. That really pissed me off." Was the film expensive? Of course. But 250 expensive? Not according to the man in charge.

Oh, the drama. Who do you think we believe in this little spat- an inside tipster, or the big man himself?

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