Will Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep be the subject of the next Sundance bidding war? David Poland went to last night's premiere, and according to his report, "the lobby of the Eccles had that “war room” feel following the movie, though everyone but Warner Indie’s Mark Gill had exited, awaiting cell conversations leading to all night negotiations, before the Q&A had ended." Poland goes down the list of potential suitors (for the record: he thinks Focus is the best fit) before estimating a price. "How far will the players go in bidding? Not as far as Little Miss Sunshine, but it is likely to be more than $4 million and it is likely to be the last film at this year’s festival to fetch that kind of price."

I talked to David this morning – we ended up next to one another in line for Stay - and he's pretty down on the festival as a whole, making unsurprising his lack-of optimism when it comes to potential sales over the next six days. Personally, I've seen aa lot of films that I think are emminently watchable, but I've not gone gaga for anything. I do think Friends With Money is strong, but it's already got distribution, and though I was pleasantly surprised by Stay, I think the chances of this film – which might as well be subtitled Beastiality: A Love Story  – landing either prizes or distribution is unlikely indeed. I'll have a review of that film up later today.