Overheard at ThinkFilm/Netflix's party for the Beastie Boys concert doc Awesome;  ... I Fuckin' Shot That! : "Did you invite the Fire Marshall? Because, I think he's on his way regardless. ..."  It was a bad night to be a claustrophobe in Park City, but a good night to be a hip-hop fan, as Mix Master Mike was rocking the wheels of steel on the dance floor, and celebs in attendance included all three Beasties (albeit esconced far away from the hoipolloi on the VIP-only, Evita-style balcony), Corey Feldman and  Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite (also known as Efren Ramirez, but hell, we all know him as Pedro.)

Who wants an adult beverage?

Mix ... Master ... Mike!

The VW Lounge Balcony as the Beasties survey their domain: Evita! Evita! Evitaaaaaa!

Cinematical: Because we can't, we won't, and we don't stop.