The Air I Breathe, co-written and directed by Jieho Lee, is a crime drama that can only be either utterly brilliant or a complete disaster. It's based on a Chinese proverb "that breaks life down into four emotional cornerstones": pleasure, love, happiness and sorrow. Where things get a little crazy is that each of the film's "inextricably linked" characters is identified with one of the cornerstones. Wow. Well, with a concept like this, I really don't think there's much middle ground - like I said, it'll either be magical or just totally incomprehensible.

As of this morning, the film's main cast is set: joining Sarah Michelle Gellar (Sorrow), Kevin Bacon (Love), and Brendan Fraser (Pleasure - nudge, nudge) are Forest Whitaker (Happiness) and Andy Garcia, whose role hasn't been announced. Also reportedly involved are Ken Watanabe and Diego Luna. Shooting begins in Mexico City later this week, so it's good that whole casting thing was worked out. The hope is that the film - the second feature from the independent NALA Films - will be in theaters this December, at which point it will likely either get some minor awards buzz or be mercilessly mocked.
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