If you've been reading for a while, you know that some of us here at Cinematical (and by "some of us," I mean "me") are really looking forward to The Prestige, Christopher Nolan's adaptation of Christopher Priest's creepy tale of magicians-who-hate-each-other-but-love-electricity. The cast is phenomenal and, if a certain tipster is to be believe, the script is pretty good, too, not to mention pleasingly faithful to Priest's book. And now we finally get our first (albeit unauthorized) look at Hugh Jackman in costume as Rupert Angier (magician #1). Keeping in mind that the movie is set in Victorian England (and assuming the sunglass are Jackman's, not Angier's), the duds look great - practical, classy, but not too formal. Just how your typical, up-and-coming, Victorian magician ought to be dressed.

Edit: there are now some pics up of Christian Bale as Alfred Borden - do you guys still think the casting is backwards?
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