In what has to be one of the most ironic moments at the Sundance , the here! Networks folks got pulled over for "improper passing" while driving John Waters around town.

Roger Ebert thinks Film Threat's Pete Vonder Haer needs a bigger coat.

Paris Hilton nearly fell off a second story balcony at the TAO party. Good thing someone pulled her to safety; however would Sundance survive without everyone's favorite partying heiress?

DVD Talk Radio has an interview up with The Descent director Neil Marshall.

Attention filmmakers! CinemaTech's Scott Kirsner had lunch with Jarod Neece, one of the organizers of South By Southwest, and has a great post up with tips for getting your film into SXSW.

Joel Madden - getting serious at Sundance?

What did Eric Alterman learn at Sundance? Celebs are batty because they get too much free bling; Paris Hilton has a bigger entourage than the President, and Jason Reitman did a much better job making Thank You For Smoking than Mel Gibson would have.