Fourteen-year-old Magdalena (newcomer Emily Rios) is a typical teenager: hanging out with her friends, having her first romance with a boy, doing her homework, and dreaming about her future. She wants nothing more in life than to ride in a Hummer Limo to her Quiñceanera - a traditional party celebrating a girl's fifteenth birthday. A Quiñceanera is a milestone in a young girl's life, a celebration of the successful transition from childhood to womanhood, and a ritual that ties young girls to their spirituality, to remind them to follow God and stay pure. At the film's outset, Magdalena is at her cousin Eileen's Quinceanera. Eileen's parents have a lot more money than Magdalena's, and Eileen's Quiñceanera is a fancy one. Everyone is having a great time, until Eileen's brother Carlos (Jesse Garcia) shows up and is punched in the face and kicked out by his father.

Magdalena's mother later tells her that her sister, Eileen's mother, has offered to let Magdalena use her cousin's ball dress for her own upcoming Quiñceanera. Magdalena is disappointed not to be getting a new dress, but she asks her mother if she can ride to her party in a Hummer limo instead. Magdalena's mother tells her that her father will not agree to it; he is a preacher and wants to keep the focus of his daughter's Quiñceneara on the spiritual aspect of the occasion. Magdalena begs her mother to ask her father anyhow, and her mother, who wants her daughter's day to be a special occasion, agrees to approach him about it.

Magdalena and her boyfriend Herman have been "messing around" but haven't consummated their relationship, so Magdalena is shocked to discover she is pregnant. When her conservative preacher father learns about the pregnancy, he reacts by kicking her out of the house. Magdalena goes to live with her great-uncle Tomas (Chalo Gonzalez) and cousin Carlos, who was kicked out of his house when his father discovered he had been surfing gay porn sites.