Because the world just cannot get enough of video game movies, Sam Raimi has decided to get into the act as well. Ghost House Pictures, the production house that Raimi co-owns with Rob Tapert, has acquired the movie rights to Siren, a horror game from Japanese "director" Keiichiro Toyama. Though things are still in the very early stages, Michael Gordon - who wrote 300 - is already on board to write the screenplay, and he's expected to get a lot of input from Toyama as he goes forward.

The film (which is sort of a remake - there's a Japanese version that either just opened or is due to open there soon) will reportedly "focus on an American med school student searching for her missing sister in Japan." Not surprisingly, seeing as how this is a horror movie, she heads off to an isolated town where she ends up "trapped with an unspeakable evil that can no longer be contained." Hey, gamers - what exactly is this "unspeakable evil"? Can you really not talk about it - sort of like Candyman? Or is it just so awful that Variety is protecting its sensitive readers?

As far as video game movies go, it sounds like Ghost House is doing this right: no Uwe Boll, first of all, and the game's creator is going to be involved in the screenplay. Plus, Raimi and Tapert have experience with the J-horror genre, having produced both the Grudge remake and its sequel. It's a good start, at least.
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