While Sundance is definitely known as a place for burgeoning filmmakers to show off their creative chops, elsewhere festivalgoers can hear industry-types discuss hot topics with different moderated panels.  In the Digital Center, Cinematical and Weblogs, Inc.'s own Jason Calacanis moderates a discussion about the future of video on the Internet, especially relating to filmmakers.  In addition to Jason, other people on the panel include Susan Buice, director of the film "Four Eyed Monsters" along with its associated video podcast, Mika Salmi, founder of Atom Films, Ken Rutkowski of KenRadio, and "SoccerGirl," creator of a wildly popular video podcast.  We've split the files up into two chunks, so read on for part one!

Update: Audio abnormalities fixed!

00:00 - Panel introductions and audience introductions
04:30 - What's changed since video and audio hit the web
06:30 - Why "Four Eyed Monsters" has a video podcast
08:47 - Other, more mainstream, video podcasts for films
09:30 - Why SoccerGirl does her video podcast
11:30 - When will podcasting become the goal, instead of a stepping stone
13:32 - How do we make podcasting sustainable, and a discussion of censorship
14:13 - How to monetize video podcasts
18:34 - Video podcasts as a new form of trailer
21:14 - Sponsorship, and videoblogs
25:35 - Audience Q&A: How do you get your video podcast on iTunes, and how do you sell it?
29:55 - Fair use, and Machinima

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Update: Part 2 of the panel can be found here.