For a slight twist on the usual comic book-to-movie fare we've been seeing so much of lately, we turn to Director Jacob Cheung, who is hard at work finishing up his manga-to-film adaptation of manga series Bokko. The historical action film is currently titled Battle of Wits, and takes place during the Warring States period. Cheung says that he actually tends to find less enjoyment in violent cinematic scenes- instead enjoying the dread-filled moments just prior to the actual violence itself. "The bloody scenes are not nearly as horrifying as the moments leading up to them, as in a knife that has not yet stabbed, but remains pointed towards your eyes." According to Cheung, his film allows room for the imagination to run rampant regarding war, violence, and terror, but takes a more indirect route towards actually depicting it. Post-production on the film begins soon, and it is planned for release later this year.

While I've read my fair share of Manga, I can't claim to have read any of this eleven volume series. Just like all forms of storytelling, Manga has alot of generally passable and enjoyable stories, a good share of junk, and a few real gems. Is there anyone out there in readerland who can tell us which of the categories this one falls into?

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