Adam Goldberg has joined Denzel Washington and Jim Caviezel in Tony Scott'sDeja Vu, a project that has faced problem after problem, but now seems to have come to life. Things went bad as soon as Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, as that's where production was originally supposed to take place. Soon after the storm, Scott abruptly dropped off the film causing some to speculate that Denzel's departure was not far behind.

However, Scott then came back on board, Denzel remained its star, Caviezel snatched a part and now Goldberg joins the team. The story itself has some worried (including Martha) because its "This sounds just like the Terminator" vibe is too hard to ignore. In Deja Vu, Washington will play an FBI Agent who travels back in time to save a woman from being murdered, then ultimately falls in love with her.

As usual with these kinds of stories, Goldberg will take on the role of wacky scientist, though we're not exactly sure where he fits into the plot (I'm guessing in some sort of deranged comedic way). I'm a fan of time-travel stories when done right and knowing Tony Scott, Denzel Washington and screenwriter Terry Rossio (Hey, where's Ted Elliott?) are involved gives me hope that this thing will be different enough so that we're not screaming "rip-off!" upon leaving the theater.

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