The cast list forSpider-Man Three is slowly shaping up as the creation of the franchise sequel draws ever nearer. Villains, (girl?)friends, and even bit-part sideliners have been cast and identified in recent weeks. In today's update, we learn that the Spider-Man team has cast a new role- the wife of Flint Marko* (Thomas Hayden Church), better known as the villainous Sandman. Accomplished actress Theresa Russell will be filling the role, but as yet there is no information on how big or small of a part her character will play in the new webslinging adventure. The only other information currently existing is that the couple will have a daughter.

In the books, the Sandman had quite an interesting and checkered history (even at one point fighting as a member of the Avengers). I'm interested to see how much (if any) the movie version Sandman reflects his comic book counterpart.

*Flint Marko is technically not even the Sandman's actual name. It was a long term alias - his actual name, if I recall correctly, is William Baker.

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