And so The Da Vinci Code's assault on the senses continues, first with the opening of Cannes, and now with the release of some new stills. What's most infuriating about all this, of course, is that it's working (at least on me). I'm one of those snobs who turns her nose up at the book, and yet that damned Ron Howard has me actually wanting to see his movie. And I don't even like Tom Hanks! Sigh. Damn you, clever marketing department!

As far as the new stills go (only some in the linked gallery are new), I continue to be pleased by how lumpy and totally undignified Hanks looks - very sort of everyman, which is nice. And I'm assuming, based entirely on the way he's posed in the photo, that the dude with blonde hair is the movie's own Big Bad. Yes? Can someone tell me (and the six other people who haven't read the book) who exactly he is without spoiling everything?
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