Priest is a manhwa (which, I understand, is the word for a Korean comic) series by writer Min-Woo Hyung. According to an early online review, the first volume in the series - about a former priest who, upon his death, is forced to trade his soul to a devil "in return for resurrection and the power to pursue his revenge against [a] fallen archangel" who he pursues across the American west - is "a fighting comic" that reads "like...a videogame." If that's true, it sounds right up the alley of pretty much everyone making movies these days, including Priest production team Joshua Donen, Michael De Luca, and the very busy Sam Raimi. Plus, as a bonus, the violence, western setting, and revenge theme make it sound a little like Django, but that might be wishful thinking on my part. (Variety offers a slightly different summary of the story - theirs involves "a band of renegade vampires" and a "young sheriff." I assume this specific event is from a later volume in the series that was adapted for the movie, but I'd love a firm answer from a Priest reader.)

The film - Cory Goodman's screenwriting debut - is due to be directed by Andrew Douglas, whose directorial experience consist of the rather mismatched pair The Amityville Horror and the Jim White road picture, Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus; production is set to being this summer.
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