Home movies are the bane of documentary film, and as time progresses there are likely to be more and more biographical projects that are lazily pieced together from their subjects' collection of amateur videos and 8mm films. Further advancements in technology, such as editing capabilities available for personal computers, has even allowed for the low-budget autobiographical doc, which disgustingly saw the light of day and overrated acclaim two years ago with Jonathan Caouettte's Tarnation.

Now there is Taggart Siegel's The Real Dirt on Farmer John, a would-be-interesting showcase of eccentric, organic farmer John Peterson, founder of one of the largest CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) groups in the nation. Using his family's old Super 8s, John constructs his own autobiography masked as a history of the farm on which he grew up, and the footage has an unfortunate precedence in the telling of his story.
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