What would the day be without another update on the Superman movie? Well...today's update doesn't exactly fit the standard News of Steel we've been getting lately, although it fits the technical description. The folks over at Superman Homepage have an exclusive image from the upcoming superman movie. Not another one, I hear you say. I've had as much Brandon Routh as I can take lately. Well, good readers, this look at the Man of Steel has absolutely no Routh in it...or anyone else associated with him. This is a look at the new ANIMATED superman movie, set to hit later this year via direct-to-DVD release. Dana Delany and Tim Daly will reprise their roles from Superman: The Animated Series in the upcoming movie sequel, wherein Superman finds himself facing off against the threat of both Lex Luthor and The Brainiac (while of course wrestling with his relationship with Lois).

For fans of STAS (yes, that includes me) this mostly under the radar animated flick promises to be a quick spot of mindless fun. It's certainly nothing to get super (horrible pun most definitely intended) excited about, but I plan on watching and enjoying it.

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