After the incredible successes of The Hobbit, The Wizard, and The Wardrobe, even the most disconnected cultural observer could easily predict an unstoppable barrage of fantasy book-to-movie on the horizon. Hollywood does tend to latch onto a successful idea when they discover a formula that resonates with audiences (and honestly, who can blame them, with that kind of money at stake). Today's fantasy book/movie update comes to you courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures at the hands of screenwriter Matt Nix. Nix will be adapting the British book The Giants and the Joneses by Julia Donaldson into a film tentatively titled The Giants of Groil. In the story, two youngsters discover a beanstalk and use it to travel to the land of Groil, where they meet giants and the swashbuckling Jack (yes, that Jack). David Heyman and Lionel Wigram will produce.

I've never read the book...but somehow this sounds fun to me. I know it's just kiddie lit (and yes, I think it would be nice to see more grown-up fantasy adapted to the big screen), but I enjoy a good fantasy story, even if it is for kids. Probably because at its heart, most fantasy is really for kids- at least, it appeals to the sense of wonder, and a belief in the fantastic that is most commonly assosciated with childhood. Grown-up fantasy literature is just written for those of us who haven't lost that belief in the fantastic and that childlike sense of wonder in the transition to an adulthood in The Age of Reason. Thoughts?

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