It is certainly a time of plenty for the X-Men (film) fantatic out there. News from the movie never stops flowing these days, and today is no execption.  For the information junkie, there's a fun little article over at Yahoo! regarding Hugh Jackman (that's Wolverine, if you somehow didn't know) and the training regimine he used to get into fighting shape for the role. No surprise- Hugh's trainer said he was already in great shape (a "dream client") and just needed tweaking to prepare.

Additionally, the XVerse is covering a supposed story that the title for X3 has been finalized as "X-Men: The Last Stand," as USA Today had earlier suggested. Read the coverage here.

Finally, an enormous glut of new images are avalible: here is a large gallery mixing old and new shots, Superhero Hype brings you some new cast photos, and AICN has some looks at the Dark Phoenix, Colussus, and Juggernaught.

Enjoy,  to whatever level you can.

[via CBR]

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