Ten-year-old Kishan Shrikanth has been acting since he was four. He's a soap opera regular and has already starred in two dozen Bollywood films - but now he wants to direct. And people let him. The kid directed and starred in a movie called C/O Footpath, in which he appeared alongside Jackie Shroff and Saurav Shukla, both of whom are well-established in the industry. In other words, this appears to be more than just an attention-grabbing gimmick: it's fully-funded, has real actors in it, and will be theatrically released later the this year. Though the kid claims to have been preparing for his task for a while - reading up on Hollywood, studying DVDs, questioning real directors, etc. - the whole thing strikes me as just short of completely insane. If the movie turns out to be good, either someone else actually did the directing, or directors are running the biggest scam known to man. (That said, however, I feel confident predicting that C/O Footpath will be miles better than BloodRayne. So maybe there's something to the scam idea.)