If you haven't seen the original (using the term loosely - there was actually a version made in 1940, but it's not as well-known) Gaslight (made in 1944), you totally should. First of all, check out this cast: Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer, Joseph Cotten and Angela Lansbury. Second, it's awesome: well-made, well-acted, and creepy as hell. Plus, you should see it now, before your perception of the story is soiled by the upcoming Warner Brothers remake which, apart from all the other reasons it's wrong, will be changing the film's setting from England to the United States.

Warner's are surely thrilled about this project because they grabbed a hot director - Pride & Prejudice's Joe Wright, who will be working in the US for the first time - and a good writer (Abi Morgan, who writes mostly for BBC TV), and must have visions of some sort of hot, youngish cast. But dude, it's a remake! Of a movie that was nominated for SEVEN OSCARS. Again, it's the same old question: is this really necessary?
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