Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know. A couple of weeks ago we reported that Vesper Lynd (aka Casino Royale's Bond Girl) would be played by Rose Byrne. Hey, don't point at us - it was revealed by The Daily Mail, which is by far the most reliable tabloid (look, an oxymoron!) when it comes to predicting Bond stuff. But now The Sun - easily the least reliable tabloid in London, possibly on earth - thinks otherwise (for which you can't blame them, seeing as how the Mail's predicted date of official announcement has passed).

According to The Sun's information, Lynd will be played by Thandie Newton who, if nothing else, has solid spy girlfriend experience. Furthermore, the tabloid claims that Daniel Craig himself digs her: he was "'deeply impressed' with...[Newton's] performance in the raunchy bedroom scene test." (I know - it sounds like he wants to date her, not act opposite her. But remember, this is The Sun we're talking about.)

No matter which damn woman it is, they better hurry up: shooting is due to being in just a few days.
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