In an interview with Suicide Girls, Wes Craven spilled his guts on the past, present and future of, well, Wes Craven. Following the DVD release of his film Red Eye, Craven discussed the difficult choice of making a PG-13 picture. He says, "at the time the swing was towards PG-13; caused by The Ring, The Grudge and all the little Japanese ghost story movies. Suddenly every studio didn’t want to do horror; they want to do PG-13."

So, could Red Eye have taken it up a few notches? According to Craven, "everything that was great about the Red Eye script could be done PG-13 anyway, so I didn’t mind having a broader audience rather than a narrower one. When asked whether or not there was an R-rated or "uncut" version of Red Eye out there somewhere, Craven insisted there wasn't and that everything shot was used. However, he did discuss a possible Red Eye sequel which is, potentially, in the works, but could disappear if Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy chose to pass. When it comes to the sequel's plot, Craven thought it would be "fascinating to have something like Rippner (Murphy's character) being held hostage by the government and needing her (McAdams' character) help for some reason."

He also expressed some concern over the little Project Greenlight film gone MIA, Feast. "I just heard yesterday from my producer, Marianne [Maddalena,] that they had pulled it from release, which is very disappointing." He goes on to explain that The Weinstein Company kind of has its head up its own ass at the moment (using my own words here) and he's hoping some release funds show up soon because it's a fun film. Click on the read link below for the entire interview in which Craven also talks about The Hills Have Eyes remake, an HBO film, a Wait Until Dark remake and the obscure possibility of a Scream 4.

[via AICN]