Will X-Men end at three? While a trilogy certainly is a solid and popular way to package a movie franchise, the people over at Fox seem to think that their baby could have longer legs than most. While they admit that three is a good number, and that the "current" story of the Xverse will wrap up with this trilogy, it will likely not be the final screen appearance for Professor Xavier and his Gifted Youngsters. It should be noted that while Fox is eager to continue with the X-Men franchise, the existence of a fourth (or beyond) movie will probably be highly contingent upon the success of Part Three. Fox Studio head Tom Rothman was admittedly coy about whether or not continuing films would bear the X-title, or if he was just alluding to further spin-off films such as the Wolverine and Magneto titles.  You can read IESB's full interview with him here.

Also worth noting briefly is that Rothman indicated that news on The Silver Surfer would be forthcoming "soon. Stay closely posted."

Let's not kid ourselves, fans. Good or bad, this movie is going to be successful; certainly at least successful enough to warrant continuing efforts from the currently sequel-crazed movie industry. Will we see an X4 or X5 like Vinnysuggested, or will it only continue in the way of spin-offs? If you read Rothman's full interview, he seems to be trying very hard to suggest that the third film will bring a complete and resolved ending to the current characters and situations. Anyone have a thought to throw out?

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