New Line has purchased Mike Rich's spec script, Nativity, with plans to develop the project into Passion dollars.The story is said to revolve around Mary, Joseph and their 100-mile trip to Bethlehem for the birth of that troublemaker, Jesus. Rich claims he came up with the idea after watching Passion of the Christ collect over $600 million worldwide. Okay, what he's actually telling people is that he thought of it after reading about the Nativity in Time and Newsweek. Sure...we'll let him go with that.

While everyone immediately compares this to Mel Gibson's film, thankfully the script was written in English, making it easier for those at New Line to pin-point the dollar signs. In fact, I believe one producer literally snorted them off page 46. The story also attempts to flesh out key characters such as King Herod and John the Baptist's parents, Zachariah and Elizabeth. Since I'm not Catholic, I'm going to assume those were important people. Rich also penned two other feel-good flicks in Finding Forrester and Radio, though neither one came with Jesus' much loved built-in audience.

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