The cast for New Line's screen version of the stage version of John Waters' 1988 film Hairspray (whew) is coming together, but it still needs a lead. And that, friends, is where you come in: open casting calls for Tracy will be held in Atlanta (February 4), New York (February 11), and Chicago (February 18). Just remember, Tracy-wannabes, that the role in Waters' movie was played by the sublime Ricki Lake - if you hope to fill her shoes, you best be ready to work it.

Among the actors the lucky castee is likely to work with are Queen Latifah (Motormouth Maybelle), John Travolta (who, to the dismay of the masses, is going to play Edna Turnblad - from Divine, to Harvey Fierstein, to Travolta?!), and Billy Crystal, who will play Edna's man Wilbur. The film will be directed by Adam Shankman, and is expected to begin shooting this spring.
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