Yesterday  morning, at the practically unforgiveable hour of 8:30AM, I went to a screening of An Inconvenient Truth, a documentary about global warming. Al Gore, who is featured prominently in the film, was on hand for a Q&A after. Sadly, I have no pics of the Q&A, because as I stood to take some I was accosted by a Sundance volunteer who hissed "No pictures!" at me. I looked around in confusion at the hundreds of flash bulbs going off around me. "Um....but this is a Q&A". "They told me NO pictures," she insisted. I pointed out that everyone else was taking them, but the logic of this failed to penetrate. "No pictures!" Okay, so no pics.

The Q&A itself was fantastic. Here's the thing about Al Gore: when he speaks, he's either he's so hot he's sizzling, or so boring he's a one-man sleep aid. Fortunately for me (because I definitely would have fallen asleep if he had shown up in his Boring Al persona) he was on fire  yesterday morning, and by the time he was done the crowd was ready to go march on Washington. Here's a brief summary. Gore started out by saying, "Young people led the way in the Civil Rights Movement and are beginning to lead the way on this issue (global warming)...when I say this is a moral issue as well as a political one, it is to unite Republicans as well as Democrats, conservatives as well as liberals, to join together on this cause."