Wilmer Valderaama is soooooo cute; Joseph Fiennes is shy.

Apparently being repeatedly killed and resurrected by your boss is not the worst job you can have.

 Sundance Rule #387 - Rich celebs love free stuff! Picking up free stuff at the Nintendo swag suite: Joel Madden, Lucy Liu, John Malkovich, William H. Macy, Rob Lowe and Tommy Lee. Quick! Someone grab a camera and shoot an indie film with those folks as the cast.

Overheard after a screening of The Hawk is Dying, starring Paul Giamatti: "That hawk was not free. Not a single character in that movie was free."

Flavorpill Sundance has a video interview with  American Blackout director Ian Inaba.

Our friends at GreenCine Daily have some good reviews up of a trio of docs.