Quinceanera, a feature film in the Dramatic Competition about a young Hispanic girl rejected by her family when she gets pregnant, is getting great audience response and a lot of buzz at the Sundance Film Festival. Cinematical sat down with the film's directors, Richard Glazter and Wash Westmoreland, to talk about their film.

Cinematical: You must have been thrilled to have Quinceanera accepted into Sundance. Did you anticipate how positive response would be to your film?

Wash: Well, of course you have fantasies about how your film will do; Richard and I both had our individual fantasies, but we didn't really talk about them openly - we didn't want to jinx it.

Richard: Until it's up in front of the audience, you just don't know how it's going to play.

Cinematical: How did you happen to work together on this film?

Wash: We're partners - outside of filmmaking, I mean - and we've also worked collaboratively a lot. It works well because sometimes you roll out of bed at 7AM and have a great idea, and you can start working immediately.

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