Though Hattie McDaniel played nearly 100 roles over the course of her 20-year film career, her will always be linked with Mammy, the maid she played in Gone with the Wind. Not only was the role a major one in one of the most popular Hollywood pictures of all time, but it won McDaniel the best supporting actress Oscar - she was the first African-American to even be nominated for the award, let alone to take one home.

McDaniel died in over 50 years ago, but her star has not faded. In fact, this year has brought her more attention than ever: she is the subject of a well-received new biography and, yesterday, the US Postal Service unveiled a new stamp in their Black Heritage series that bears her image. The stamp goes on sale nation-wide today and, since our Cary Grant stamps are no longer enough to get a letter through the damn mail, it's the prefect time to go down to the post office and stock up on Hattie.