Noah Baumbach, whose The Squid and the Whale was one of the best American films of 2005, has signed some pretty big names for unnamed follow-up film. According to wire reports this morning, Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Jason Leigh (AKA Mrs. Baumbach) will costar in the project. Though details about the movie are currently hard to come by, it's known that the two will play sisters, and that the film is, not surprisingly, a comedy-drama. The story will explore the relationship between the sisters over the course of a weekend, during which one takes her son to visit the other.

Despite the lack of detail about its content, the combined success of Squid - as an independent film, its box office returns have been small, but it garnered universally positive reviews and has received a pile of awards - and the stature of its stars render this project an awfully exciting one. Frustratingly, there's no word yet on when production will get underway.
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