A JoBlo tipster had the dubious pleasure recently of seeing an early screening of Pulse - Jim Sonzero's remake of the 2001 J-horror flick of the same name - and boy is he unhappy about it. Though his report (linked below) is less of a film review than a (mostly understandable) diatribe against crappy remakes, the fact that the movie sucks comes through loud and clear. Acting, by a cast full of TV stars? Terrible. (But...Kristen Bell! Veronica Mars! How can she be bad?) Writing, by FIVE assorted scribes? Awful. Atmosphere? Nope. Editing? Crappy. Overall? To quote the angry man himself, "No amount of post production work will help this film." Yikes.

Hey, there's one positive: if you came through that still eager to see the film, it's safe to read the review - it's spoiler free.