According to Just Jared, Mr. & Mrs. Smith is headed to the small screen - and it's not just some desperate network, trolling for viewers. Instead, Simon Kinberg, who wrote the film's screenplay, is penning the pilot, and Doug Liman (yep, he directed the movie) will be directing. Whoa. Liman himself is talking the project up, and he says that, since Kinberg actually first wrote the story as a TV show, the transition to television isn't as completely outrageous as it might sound. Sadly, the film's incredibly hot costars won't be returning (shocking, I know), so Liman plans "a nationwide talent search [to] find basically the next Brad Pitt and the next Angelina Jolie." (Yikes - does that not sound like the hook of a really crappy reality show?) Though the movie was obviously a massive hit for Fox (it's made over $400 million world-wide), the massive audience was doubtless due in large part to the fact that Pitt and Jolie were its stars - how well the story could do without them is very much up in the air.

Word is that Liman has a first-look deal with NBC, so they'll be the ones who get to say yes or no, if the pilot actually happens (and if this story doesn't stem from someone making up a conversation with Liman).
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