The Ben Stiller comedy Night at the Museum has been in the news a lot lately: just the other day, old school studs Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney agreed to make their triumphant returns to the big screen in the film, and now yet another big name has been added to the cast. It was announced today that Robin Williams will appear in the film as - wait for it - Teddy Freakin Roosevelt. Teddy Roosevelt! (Seriously though - there's no way Roosevelt was that hairy. Williams just might have to revisit the full-body shave he got in Hook.)

It turns out that TR founded the American Museum of Natural History (where the movie is set), so naturally there's a display there featuring him. And, when the movie's crazy, magical medallion starts bringing stuff to life, Roosevelt is one of the lucky affectees. Needless to say, the role should allow Williams to perform at his most manic level, and to talk a lot about carrying a big stick. That, combined with getting to see him wearing a neat little TR-style mustache, might just make the movie worth seeing, regardless of actual quality.
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