Defying all predictions, Bobcat Goldthwaite is walking away from Sundance 2006 with all rights sold on his beastiality romcom Stay. Yesterday, French firm Gaumont announced that it was moving to acquire all international rights on the film, as part of its new strategy (begun with its financing of Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep) to generally loosen up a bit. "It's not the kind of film Gaumont is known for," CEO Franck Chorot admitted to Variety on Thursday, "but we are broadening our range with original films that have a potential for international sales." In even better news, Roadside Attractions has teamed up with Samuel Goldwyn to take domestic rights on the film. Neither Roadside or Goldwyn, nor William Morris, who brokered the deal for Goldthwait, announced financial terms, but Roadside's Eric d'Arbeloff released the following statement of motivation: "I've never encountered a film that so intelligently combines raunchy humor with warmth and emotional truth ... Bob Goldthwait's film is going to draw people for its outrageous premise, but they will leave the theatre surprised how much it touches them." I concur. Now: can we get a deal for Wristcutters?