How do you make a movie about Al Gore lecturing on global warming without boring your audience to tears or worse, inducing a mass coma? Before I saw An Inconvenient Truth, I would have said such a proposition was utterly ludicrous. Al Gore, lampooned during his political years as one of the most boring politicians ever to step foot on a campaign trail, would not seem to be the most likely candidate to be the subject of a film. But if there is one subject Al Gore is actually passionate about, it's the environment, particularly global warming. It's the one topic on which Gore really seems to come alive.

The film shows Gore delivering a lecture on global warming, which he has delivered all over the world. I know what you're thinking - oh, boy, a movie about a global warming lecture! (yawn) - but really, it's one of the more entertaining lectures you're likely to ever see. It even includes a clip from Futurama. It's not the most balanced perspective on global warming, perhaps, but there's enough in there to make even the most doubting of Thomases think twice the next time they fire up that gargantuan SUV.

The downside to making a film that is so singular in its perspective is that you risk ending up preaching to the choir. People who already believe our planet is in a state of emergency due to global warming, environmental activists, and liberals will come of the film ready to rally 'round the global warming flagpole, march on Washington, and start kicking some politicians' butts into gear until they start making strides toward actually addressing the issues. Conservatives, people who make their money off of oil, factories, autos and other pollutants, and even just your average Joe who isn't really sure about this whole global warming thing, though, are likely to walk out of the film feeling as if they've just been subjected to a propaganda buffet akin to Reefer Madness.