While I wouldn't usually post about a story like this, it cracked me up so much that I couldn't resist. Turns out a teacher from Lexington, Kentucky was suspended after showing his Spanish class The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Although no one seems to know why he did this or what it had to do with teaching Spanish, he broke the rules and let these underage kids watch an R-rated flick.

At first, I thought maybe the teacher was out partying it up the night before, had a little too much sangria, and figured he'd throw on a fun movie to entertain the youngsters while he caught up on some rest. However, perhaps he was trying to send some sort of message about men, women and relationships. Perhaps he was providing his own course on sex-ed without the boring plastic human body models. Still, what's Spanish about that?

Yet, it does make me wonder whether or not films like The 40-Year Old Virgin can actually help high-schoolers, to not only appreciate sex and women, but also coerce the shy kid in the corner (Yay for me!) to break out of his shell. Thoughts? Opinions?