We reported back in December that an Equalizermovie was officially on the way. At the time, producer Mace Neufeld (the man behind the Jack Ryan series) was in place, but the Weinstein brothers had yet to find either their director or star. Though the latter opening still exists, the former has been filled by Scottish director Paul McGuigan. McGuigan watched the series as a kid - "Growing up in Scotland, there were few channels and good shows to watch, and this was one that penetrated my psyche" - and, reassuringly, claims that he would never age McCall down to conform to the current Hollywood style.

I don't know about you, but I think I'll cling to McGuigan's affection for the show as a good sign, and try to ignore the fact that his track record (Lucky Number Slevin, which was liked by pretty much no one who saw it at Sundance, is his most recent effort) is less than stellar. That said, what he needs most now, clearly, is our prayers as he tries to stand up to the suits, who will inevitably demand that the film star someone young and pretty. How does "Chad Michael Murray, Equalizer" strike you?
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