Buena Vista Entertainment has announced a DVD release date for the currently still-in-theaters The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. The Narnia flick has been steadily closing in on the box office returns of Harry Potter, but as it nears the close of its run it is still unclear if Witch will pass Wizard in B.O. sales. The two will continue the fight in DVD sales (where the real money is often said to be), drawing largely from the same audience.

Buena Vista will avoid the fan-scorned "double dipping" that some companies use in the attempt to gouge their fans for extra cash, instead opting to release both the standard one-disc and special edition two-disc version of the DVD on the same day- April 4th. Both versions will include audio commentaries by director, cast, and crew, as well as a "pop up" facts mode which will display interesting/amusing facts about the books and the film onscreen while you watch. The special edition will apparently feature ten hours of extras on a second disc, ranging from the usual blooper reel and behind the scenes featurettes to a 3D explorable map and a feature or two on Lewis himself. It'll also have "a booklet and special packaging." Yay for that.

Am I the only one who likes my DVD case to look like it is expensive? I love it when a special edition actually looks special, and isn't just two discs crammed quickly into a regular old case with the words "special edition" or "Unrated Edition!" tackily stamped somewhere over the cover art. I also love it when the special edition and regular edition of a DVD release at the same time, so that the casual user can just get the standard DVD while the true fan doesn't have to waste twenty bucks or agonizingly wait several months for the real deal. Yes, I'm looking right at you, Sin City.