Of course, we know that some people find out about the Oscar nominations before the rest of us teeming masses get the news. I mean finding out officially, not through rumors on certain Web sites *coughaintitcoolcough*. Imagine being a member of the Academy team of historians and researchers who find out the nominations this Monday, a day early, and then are locked in a room without access to phones or email, where they spend the day compiling all kinds of facts and figures about the nominated films and people in time for Tuesday morning's official announcements. After the nominations go public, the researchers are still busy, pulling together lists of people whom a winner might thank, for example, and more in-depth bios of nominees.

I think I just found one of my dream jobs, even though I'd have to move to southern California for it. (Don't mention that part to my boyfriend.) On the other hand, I now harbor the mischievous hope that Oscar winners will thank entirely unexpected people, just to be difficult.

Meanwhile, I better pull together my own mental list of interesting facts for potential nominees so I'm not caught off-guard next week. First on the list: next time I hear someone wonder how Michelle Williams could have gone from Dawson's Creek to Brokeback Mountain, I will encourage them to watch the underrated comedy film Dick, in which Williams shines even more brightly than her co-star Kirsten Dunst.