Here's our live blog of the Sundance 2006 Awards ceremony ... refresh every couple of minutes for the latest!

8:24  "I just want to say a little bit about the movie that is winning the Grand Jury Prize: It made me feel hopeful ..." Prize goes to Quinceanera.

We are kindly informed that the last time a film won both the Audience and Grand Jury prizes in the Documentary category was 1999. Miguel "The Good Girl" Arteta takes the stage to present the Grand Jury Prize Dramatic.

Payne gives Grand Jury Documentary Prize:  "...for a movie that pretty much has everything .. it's sad and funny and moving and hopeful and deeply compassionate ... and on top of that, it's completely delightful to watch: God Grew Tired of Us."

Alexander "Sideways" Payne is rushed to the podium to present the night's final awards.

Alan Rudolph presents the Dramatic Directing Award ... to Dito Montiel of A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Montiel's statement from the podium closes with: "This is nuts" – a sentiment sure to be echoed by the film's detractors.

The director of Born into Brothels presents the Documentary Directing Award ... to the big doc winner of the evening thus far, Iraq in Fragments

Audrey Wells (Guinevere, The Truth About Cats and Dogs) now preparing to present Waldo Salt Screenwriting award ... to Hilary Brougher for Stephanie Daley.

Editing Award for Documentary goes to Iraq in Fragments

Cinematography in a Drama goes to Tom Richmond for Right at Your Door

8:03 Best Cinematography in a Documentary, presented by Nancy Scriber, to a film that "evoked understanding and a distinct vision": James Longley for Iraq in Fragments.

Howard says it's "a real privilege" to present the Special Jury Prize for Ensemble Performance to A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. The film, one of the most star studded at the festival (cast includes Robert Downey, Jr and Shia LeBeouf), which was widely panned by fest critics.

7:57 Dramatic Juror Terrence Howard is announcing the prizes for Special Jury Prize for Independent Vision (which last year went to Miranda July)  for In Between Days.

Second Special Jury Prize goes to American Blackout . Congressman Cynthia McKinney, the subject of the film, is in the audience.

Andrew "Capturing the Friedmans" Jarecki presenting the Special Jury Documentary Prize: "These video journals, rather than dehumanzing their subjects, are re-humanizing them"The Special Jury Prize goes to TV Junkie

Quinceanera director  Wash Westmoreland, who accepted with co-director Richard Glatzer: "We're not the most likely people to have made it: I'm a yorkshireman and Rich is a New York jew .. and we're both gay."

7:48 Audience Award for Drama: Quinceanera (imagine a tilda over that second "n")

7:45 Audience Awards, Sponsored by VW, presented by Michael Rappaport of Special, who gives a touching tribute to Chris Penn.

Audience Documentary award goes to Christopher Quinn's God Grew Tired of Us

World Cinema Dramatic Jury Prize is being handed out by Dogme 95 veteran/juror Thomas Vinterberg: "Tonight's winner has combined storytelling, style and suspense ...." 

The winner is ...13 (Tzameti).

7:39 2 World Cinema Special Jury Prizes, to two first time filmmakers: Eve and the Firehorse

7:36 World Cinema Jury Prize Documentary goes to In the Pit. This is the big international doc award.

7:29  World Documentary Audience Award goes to - DeNadie

7:19 Geoff Gilmore takes the stage and talks about someone writting a check for $10k to the filmmaker of Black Gold to help coffee farmers.

7:18 The Alfred P. Sloan Prize (for film that gives the best shoutout to science) goes to House of Sand

7:10 John Cooper takes the stage to give the Short Film Prize. Honorable Mentions: Before Dawn, Preacher With an Unknown God, undressing My Mother

International Short: The Natural Route, by Alex Pastor (Spain)

Jury Prize: A tie! The Wraith of Cobble Hill, and Bug Crush by Carter Smith

7:08 Wim Wenders is giving the 10th Anniversary NHK Award to the following filmmakers:

Patrice Toye, The Spring Ritual from Europe; Fernando Eimbcke, Lake Tahoe from Latin America; Cruz Angeles, Let Me Drown from the United States; and Kanji Nakajima, The Clone Returns to the Homeland from Japan.