Destricted, the compilation-style porn flick (presumably extremely un-MPAA friendly), has managed to secure distribution, albeit only the in the UK. As indicated by our exhausted team on the ground in Park City, this buy - by niche experts Revolver Entertainment - is surprising for a couple of reasons. First and most obviously, because the film is so totally unmarketable, due both to its subject (the seven participating directors were told to make pornography and to keep it shorter than 20 minutes - anything else they did was up to them) and its unconventional style (there's a review here). The second reason comes more from the deal's context - the fact that something so intentionally risky and difficult would be picked up while many of the competition films are still on the table is seen as yet another sign of "what an odd year this is, deal-wise."

In addition, word is that negotiations are underway with "several companies" for US rights to the film. You never know, we still might get a chance to see the MPAA swallow its collective tongue.