A new teaser for The Omen remake is now online and, coincidentally, the film comes out on 6.6.06. One can only imagine the studio meeting in which this brilliant marketing strategy was born. I mean, so what if June 6th is a Tuesday - chances like this only come around every 100 years.

The actual name of the film is The Omen 666, and it is a remake of the 1976 classic starring Gregory Peck. Here, Liev Schreiber takes over for Peck in the role of Robert Thorn, an American official who realizes that his son is either the devil or just a really weird kid. The teaser doesn't offer us much except for a boy on a swing dressed in a red suit, but towards the end, when he stares at the camera, you can tell we're in for some nastiness.

Although I'm not a fan of remakes, at this point I've come to accept them and moved on. I am interested to see how they handle some of the death scenes, in particular the nanny hanging and the priest impaling. However, I'm a bit worried about Julia Stiles pulling off the role of ambassador's wife. Isn't she still in her early 20's?