In news that is bound to have fanboys across the nation lying on the floor in a puddle of drool, it's been announced that V for Vendetta will be simultaneously released in both IMAX and regular formats. That's right: a wildly anticipated graphic novel adaptation starring a wildly desirably woman will be appearing on really, really huge screens - and on opening night! Breathe, boys. Breathe.

Though other films - including the Wachowskibrothers' Matrix series - have been released to great success in IMAX, they have debuted in that format well after their release dates, which has until now been the pattern with major releases that go (extremely) large. The IMAXing of Vendetta from day one, then, is a major step in the mainstreaming of the format, and gives studios yet another potential source of increased income. So, it's safe to assume that Hollywood will be watching the movie's IMAX attendance very carefully indeed.

Vendetta hits screens of all sizes on March 17.
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