For all of you out there wondering whether or not 63-year-old Harrison Ford can still crack the whip, the man himself told Coming Soon he's as ready as he'll ever be. In a Q&A about his role in the new thriller Firewall, Ford took on the one question roaming about everyone's minds: Will his age hinder another action packed Indiana Jones adventure?

"I can't tell you anything about Indiana Jones, but I think you've just seen a film in which I perform physically to an extent [that will be] sufficient for Indiana Jones.'" In Firewall, Ford actually has a scene in which he battles baddie Paul Bettany, while being thrown through glass and over a balcony. Yeah, I suppose that's sufficient enough - but something still tells me we'll have a younger actor alongside Indy to help kick things up a notch. Kind of like the relationship between Ford and Sean Connery in the Last Crusade, only I expect Indy to do his fair share of ass kicking.

Still no word on a script approval, but Ford did note that "the audience is there and everybody involved is anxious to make the film again." Hurray! Now if we can just get it done within Ford's two-year ultimatum window, then we've got ourselves an Indiana Jones 4 on the way.

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